What Is The Rate and What Are The Terms?

Factor Rate

Rather than an annual percentage rate (APR) attributed to a traditional bank loan, Merchant Cash Advances are not associated with an APR because there is no annualized interest rate applied to the remit. Instead, there is a fixed cost added to the funding amount.

The payback equation is calculated as:

rates1The Amount Funded rates2The Fixed Cost With a Fee rates3The Amount You Remit

After we get to know you and your business, we go over the loan or advance product that you think is best for your needs. Typically this ranges from $0.11 to $0.40 on every $1 funded for the fixed cost.

Is This a Good Option For Me & My Business?

1. Is it true I don’t have to put up my house, car, or any other collateral?
YES, you do not have to collateralize your Merchant Cash Advance.

2. Is it true the process is fast?
YES, funding is completed a couple of days after approvalNo waiting weeks or months for your funds.

3. Is it true the paperwork is minimal?
YES, apply and get pre-approved within minutes.

4. Is the process as easy as it sounds?
YES, take the opportunity to take your business from good to great.

How Long Is The Repayment Program?

Our payback terms range from four months to two years. This difference ensures that your business is not crippled with debt for years to come

How Do I Pay The Money Back?

There are two different ways to pay back our Merchant Cash Advances:

1. Repayment can be structured using a small percentage of your credit card sales Monday-Friday, in sync with the changing sales volume of your business.

2. Repayment can be a fixed amount so your payback would be the same amount each day/week.

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